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Yuth Sport Gear Boxing Head Gear Guard

Yuth Sport Gear Boxing Head Gear Guard


Thailand's newest fight brand is here; Yuth Sport Gear available at The Clinch Fight Shop. Made in assistance with one of the biggest fight brands in the world...Fairtex! High quality gear but at a more affordable price than most top tier brands.

Japanese style boxing headgear with bigger cheek guards for protection of the face and nose yet with great vision! All velcro fastening, with velcro in the rear and buckles!

Crafted from premium-grade materials, the Yuth Head Guard features a durable outer shell designed to absorb and disperse impact, shielding the wearer from potential injuries. It's lightweight construction ensures agility and freedom of movement without compromising on defense. 

Equipped with adjustable straps and padding, this head guard delivers a customizable fit for athletes of all ages and sizes, providing maximum stability and confidence during every practice or match. The sleek design not only enhances performance but also ensures breathability, keeping you cool and focused throughout your training.

Handmade in Thailand.

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