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Fairtex BJJ3 Jiu Jitsu Treeburam Black Gi

Fairtex BJJ3 Jiu Jitsu Treeburam Black Gi


"Treeburam" is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training set. The design has been conceived from a traditional black giant called "Treeburam", who caused the battle of "Treeburam War" forcing Lord Shiva to come down from heaven to subdue the black giant by himself and it was the only time that Shiva had open his third eye to defeat this giant.

Therefore, Fairtex has designed the training set in black, decorated with an original Thai pattern featuring the use of red fire as the logo of this product.

  • Available Sizes: A0 A1 A2 A3 and A4 (please check the sizing chart)
  • Black Gi from the character epic Ramayana called "Treeburam"; the powerful black giant
  • Jacket: 550 grams Pearl Weave, Pants: 245 grams Ripstop
  • Thai exclusive graphic art printed on cool max fabric
  • The artist spent 1 year to create this gorgeous art for this project

  • In addition to the resistant and light properties of the fabric, the unique design of this battle set is acrylic improvisation masterpiece of Thai design by a renowned artist and has taken over one year of time to create this piece of art in order that it can also show the beautiful lining design. This Thai artwork exhibits a special Thai pattern with a unique character of the artist and is transferred to the Coolmax fabric engineered with special technology to release moisture and accelerate drying. This type of polyester is a feature used to produce the latest sportswear. The details of Thai picture design show the great battle of the Treeburam War, highlighting the Treeburam giant who sits on the Rahu giant surrounded by giants and angels that are battling. When folded, the hidden Shiva's eyes will emerge from inside the neckline.    


    IBJJF compliant version!

    Includes zippered carry bag!

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