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Defense Soap Shower Gel Peppermint Edmonton Canada

Defense Soap Shower Gel Peppermint


Defense Soap Peppermint Bar has the same therapuetic benefits as our original bar with the added benefit of a cooling, invigorating sensation. This shower/body gel is manufactured with highest quality essential oils.

Defense Shower Gel (8 oz) was created specifically for combat athletes and anyone interested in using our all-natural soap to keep their skin clean. Made with natural botanicals and only the finest natural essential oils, this product will keep you clean on and off the mat. It contains the same ingredients as the Defense bar of soap. The additional ingredients add to the efficacy of the product. It works against infections such as Herpes, Impetigo, MRSA, Ringworm and Staph.

Say goodbye to locker room funk and mat cooties, which can interfere with your training. For best results, use an antifungal shower gel immediately after your training session. Another suggestion, keep it on for some time before rinsing off with water. This ensures effective results.

How to use Defense Shower Gel

Start with your head and work your way down. It is to ensure that your head and neck get cleaned up first and the contaminants are drained off before you wash your body. Yes you can use this organic shower gel on your hair too, it is safe and keeps your mane infection free.

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