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Fairtex Named Official Glove Carrier for Glory Kickboxing!!

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Last week Glory Kickboxing officially named Fairtex as its new glove provider for all Glory competitons!

Previously Glory had been using Hayabusa. There were many controversies with the Hayabusa gloves over the past years. Everything from gloves being way too large in size, padding being too little or too much to gloves not fitting properly. Many competitors and observers complained the gloves played a role in the lack of knockouts in Glory events.

Some fighters especially larger ones complained the gloves did not fit comfortably when being taped and gauzed, resulting in fights being cancelled. Most notably Chi Lewis Perry pulled out of his bout with Hesdey Gerges hours before his Glory 39 bout complaining that no Hayabusa fight gloves fit him, although the glove excuse is still doubted by many...

Either way a change to Fairtex will be a big positive to kickboxing competitors and fans everywhere.

Fairtex has built a reputation as being one of the most worn and dependable striking gloves in the world. It is synonymous with elite athletes from Muay Thai, kickboxing, MMA, and even boxing.

Fairtex has been in the process of designing the new gloves and have released sneak previews. The gloves will debut in only a few weeks at Glory 50 on February 16th. Glory press release has stated:

"Fairtex started with their classic lace-up design, worn by the world’s top strikers. Then, the padding was reshaped in order to achieve consistent weight throughout and a lighter overall feel. Finally, to maximize safety, thumb stitching was removed from the glove body. The result was a seamless piece of leather, expertly joined to the glove wrist with flat stitching that denotes the glove’s unparalleled craftsmanship"

Closer look at the gloves, they appear to be a hybrid between the lace-up and BGV14 models. Both gloves are highly well reviewed but the final product remains to be seen.

Fairtex has promised to make Glory merchandise for retail. You bet we will be carrying them upon release. Keep an eye on this blog, our website and social media for updates!

Reference and Credit for images: Glory Kickboxing

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