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TUFF Muay Thai Boxing Shorts Tiger & Python

TUFF Muay Thai Boxing Shorts Tiger & Python


There are several versions of the Chinese zodiac signs of tiger and snake. Their respective worldviews, lifestyles, and objectives differ from one another. They would have a hard time bridging these disparities. Their marriage will be filled with squabbles and quarrels due to trivial misunderstandings.

In a conflict, these signals will not give in to one another. The tiger is quick-witted, impetuous, and strong-willed. The Tiger dislikes spending too much time contemplating decisions, favoring hasty judgment over careful thought and debate.

The snake is the complete opposite by nature; it is covert and crafty, taking a long time to make a choice that is probably selfish. Soon the justification for such differentiation would emerge.

Made of microfiber fabric. Lightweight, sweat-free, and quick dry. 100% handmade in Thailand.

Shorts should be cold washed cold and hang dried for maximum longevity.

Please note these are Thai sizing. Check the size chart to see what suits you best.

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