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TUFF Muay Thai Shorts Dragonforce Pink Blue

TUFF Muay Thai Shorts Dragonforce Pink Blue


Various dragon-related beliefs exist in multiple parts of the world. It could manifest as an extremely high spiritual god and wicked darkness. In Christianity throughout the past millennia, the dragon has evolved into the adversary, the evil, and the rebirth of the Devil. This fabled beast was thought to have lived in China as a Yangtze River-dwelling prehistoric monster. The crocodile and the dragon were believed to be related in ancient Egypt. Additionally, it represented sin or evil as well as water, clouds, rain, and floods.

The "jaws of hell" were shown in Christian art as an open-mouthed dragon spitting fire. Dragons have also been associated with passion and fire.

Made of microfiber fabric. Lightweight, sweat-free, and quick dry. 100% handmade in Thailand.

Shorts should be cold washed cold and hang dried for maximum longevity.

Please note these are Thai sizing. Check the size chart to see what suits you best.

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