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Ampro Trickstar Freestyle 10ft Skipping Jump Rope

Ampro Trickstar Freestyle 10ft Skipping Jump Rope


8'' matte finish unbreakable easy grip injection moulded high density shatter-proof polyethylene handles. The Longer size handles make it perfect to do tricks and cross overs. Handle offers an easy grip for a smooth turning motion as it aids skipping from the wrists the natural way. Stable beaded rope gives optimum aerobic workout with a steady arc and more audible in visibility. Longer length 10ft rope for taller skippers up to 6ft 6", with the easily adjustable rope you can get a bespoke length with this one rope. 


Long Handles make it easier to do advanced stunts like ‘cross-overs’, ‘front-to-back-crosses’ & ‘behind-the-back-crosses’  as it helps create a wider arc to skip through & the handle offers more grip.

Special grooved easy grip handles allow for optimal hand positioning for improved performance

5.00mm PVC cord optimised for scuff resistance, speed, durability and flexibility. 

Shaterproof handles.

Adjustable Length 10ft Skipping Rope for bespoke sizing

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